Introducing The Universal API for Title and Settlement

Connect to the most powerful network of technology partners in title, mortgage and real estate with fast and simple integrations.

Integrations just got easier (and faster).

Reduce the time, cost, and complexity of integration by building with the GridBase API. One single connection to the endpoints you need to launch, scale, and connect to the entire real estate, mortgage lending, and title and settlement ecosystem. GridBase provides a single-point-of-entry that streamlines and simplifies interaction with the title & settlement universe by normalizing and standardizing the data to unlock interoperability.

Plug into GridBase once, forego hundreds of integrations and gain thousands of new clients instantly.

GridBase is the integration hub, data traffic cop, and translator that enables partner-agnostic and production system-agnostic connection into the title & settlement universe. Serving title agents, title technology providers, lenders, lender technology providers, real estate agents, and real estate technology providers, GridBase connects the real estate ecosystem with fast and simple integrations.

One platform. Unlimited Connections.

Are you a lender, fintech, proptech, real estate brokerage, title agency, or technology provider that supports anyone in the real estate ecosystem? Now you can integrate with anyone else in the ecosystem quickly and efficiently to grow and scale your business faster.

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